Doctor Who – Serpent Crest

Tom Baker has been very busy lately what with 2 series of audio adventures with AudioGo, Hornet’s Nest and Demon’s Quest.   He is  currently recording 2 series of Forth Doctor Adventures, and 1 seires of Lost Stories with Big Finish, and now AudioGo have announce a third series of Fourth Doctor audio adventures titled Serpent Crest.  Once again the Fourth Doctor will be joined on his adventures by Mrs. Wibbsey and Mike Yates.

From AudioGo:

Tsar Wars
published 8th September 2011

The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey are catapulted from present day Earth to a futuristic civilisation in a distant galaxy. At the Robotov Palace they find the Tsar and Tsarina ruling over their empire whilst human workers toil on satellite moons. The Doctor is mistaken for an old ally of the Tsarina’s, but then suspected of treason when the Palace comes under attack. Dark secrets are lurking in the shadows, and the mysterious Father Gregory will set off a chain of events which have long-lasting consequences for the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey.

Featuring a dual role for Tom Baker, Tsar Wars features a superb line-up of guest actors including Michael Jayston, Simon Shepherd, Suzy Aitchison, Paul Chequer, Gabriel Vick, Grant Gillespie and Sam Hoare.

The release schedule for the series:

  1. Tsar Wars, 8th September
  2. The Broken Crown, 6th October
  3. Aladdin Time, 3rd November
  4. The Hexford Invasion, 8th December
  5. Survivors in Space, 8th December