Big Finish Doctor Who License is Extended

The BBC, or more precisely AugioGO have extended Big Finish’s license to produce Doctor Who audio adventures until December 2015.

Jason Haigh-Ellery (Executive Producer):

I’m so excited that we can continue our voyages with the Doctor for at least another three years, and so pleased that AudioGO and the BBC continue to trust us with the telling of these stories.

Nicholas Briggs (Executive Producer, Writer, Director, as well as the voice of Daleks, Cybermen, and Ice Warriors):

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure for me to have worked on the Doctor Who audio range since 1999. I’m looking forward to continuing the excellent relationship we have with AudioGO and the BBC – and, of course, to the many exciting adventures for the Doctor I’ll be working on over the next three years or more.

David Richardson (Line Producer):

We’re already making plans for 2015, which will be the sixteenth year of Doctor Who audio productions from Big Finish and will include our landmark 200th main range play!

In addition to the Doctor Who main range and Companion Chronicles, we are working through ideas for an exciting new range which we hope to announce during 2013.


I always consider it excellent news when I hear Big Finish has had their Doctor Who license extended.  I hope that the BBC & AudioGO have the common sense to keep extending it well past December 2015.  Big Finish has always produced top notch Doctor Who adventures, and they don’t seem to be slowing down at all.