Book: Treason by Orson Scott Card

It has been a month or two from the last book review that I did. I have been very busy working on my own novel, and with the first draft completed, I got right back with another book. It was little hard getting out of my own creative form and back to listening to someone else tell the story.

Now, Treason was a sci-fi future book about life on a planet called Treason where the smartest of a race are placed on the planet as a punishment for being a threat to another race. After being placed on the planet they are fragmented into many groups with different abilities. Their struggle is for iron to build a starship to leave the planet on the promise of being freed and being welcomed back into the galaxy of space travelers.

It was awesome the way the way some of the powers work, and how each was not learned in a different way that was fitting to each of the believers of the group that had the abilities. I was a little put off by some of the odd relationships that took place, but the author kept them at arms length, so even though they are odd, they did not take you too far from the beaten path.

The wish that some of the powers could be learned myself, like one that was learned was the ability to slow or speed up time in a bubble around oneself, this allowed to user to move at “fast time” or “slow time”. “Fast time” just as you would suspect would make you move really fast to the rest of the world, the better your abilities, the faster you could move. At one point he stopped an execution of twelve archers shooting at a man’s chest, and stuck them in to the archer’s wrist, giving the appearance of them shooting themselves. Another time he moved into slow time, while he laid appearing dead, he could not move for hours and hours or risk being seen and captured. This allowed hours to pass while only a few seconds passed for him.

Overall the book was a pretty good read, and I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10. I look forward to more by Orson Scott Card, and it would appear that he has a pretty good history already including Xenocide, Ruins, Speaker for the Dead, Pathfinder, Earth Unaware, Children of the Mind, Ender’s Game, Ruins, Ender in Exile, The Lost Gate, Ender’s Shadow, Xenocide: Volume Three of the Ender Quintet, Shadows in Flight and Enchantment.