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About US

SciFiFX began in what would have been one man’s basement, if that man could have afforded a basement. From such humble beginnings, a small group of incredibly loud-mouthed geeks assembled, their egos spinning wildly out of control, causing a fracture in cyberspace that allowed toxic amounts of their thoughts and opinions to spew forth to their fans… both of them. Now armed with a website, a podcast, a titanium spork, and a deluded sense of self-importance, the crew of SciFiFX is dedicated to bringing you their closest approximation of the best of science fiction / fantasy news, information, and commentary from across the interwebs… and offering their two dollars whether you like it or not.

Name: Matt McIntosh
Codename: SciJunkie
Function: Fearless Leader / Podcast Host / Web Wizard/ Producer / Writer

Matt is a recent addition to the world of sci-fi fandom, but as with so many other endeavors he’s stumbled upon by accident’s become addicted. As near as anyone can tell, his obsession began with Babylon 5 , followed by trips through Stargate SG-1 and Farscape . It was all downhill from there. It is feared electroshock may be needed after The Cape and Arrow.

Name: Carl Goad
Codename: CyLeader
Function: Group Mediator / Podcast Host / Web Wizard

In these uncertain times of reboots, remakes, and re-imaginings, Carl boldly goes forth where purists fear to tread. He freely admits to watching nearly anything sci-fi, even if only to mock it with a sinister grin. A fan of MST3K and Highlander , he has burned through nearly every sci-fi classic you can name. His loyalties, however, belong first and foremost to Doctor Who .

Carl’s does not play on social media sites but does maintain them for the site!