SciFiFX Newscast #003

Here is your weekly infodump of SciFi News.

TV News:Russell Tovy leaves Being Human

Southpark has been renewed and will continue new episodes unitl 2016 at least.

Movie News:

New Battlestar Galactica movie could be based on classic series

Doctor Who News:

Doctor Who Children in Need Special and trailer to the Christmas Special: The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe.

David Yates working on Doctor Who Movie

Star Wars News:

James Earl Jones wins Oscar

Dark Horse are having a Star Wars Digital Comics Black Friday Sale.

Video Game News:

DC Universe Online is now free to play.


Mark Hall one of the Founders of Cosgrove Hall, the creators of Danger Mouse and Count Duckula has passed away at age 75.


Snow White & The Huntsman Trailer

Mirror, Mirror Trailer

DC Nation Teaser Trailer

Brave Trailer

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