Review: Revolution – “Chained Heat”

Revolution aired its second episode of the series. Now I would like to think that things are going to settle down a little bit, and Charlie is going to quit being a little whiny brat. But I have to admit, this week I was very disappointed in the episode of Revolution.

There are simply too many things that I just can’t ignore. First of all let’s talk about how long it’s been since everything “shut down” and I did not think about until after I finished writing last week’s review. I went back and watched it again and noticed it looks more like 50 years has passed than 15 or 20. I mean I could understand a slight bit of exaggeration, but we’ve got entire train cars, baseball stadiums, neighborhoods, and even what looks like the drainage ditches from the Terminator movies completely and totally overrun with plant life and growth.

In addition, Charlie has grown up in this environment and seems to have totally been sheltered, and based on this weeks episode, has done nothing but sit at home and wait for her poor little brother to have his asthma attack. Please, he’s freaking 20 years old; get over it.

Maggie, the mother-like figure who supposedly has all the brains and all the smarts of living the rough life, completely and totally freaks out, loses it, and totally goes bananas when Charlie has a little temper tantrum and runs off chasing her uncle. While we’re at it, let’s touch on the uncle the bone cold killer, with a reputation a mile-long. Apparently he was keeping his whereabouts quiet while maintaining a bar in a major metropolitan city? Now, he’s listening to Charlie when an assassin comes after them, and he ties the assassin up and leaves him alive. What? Have all the writers lost their minds?

Then to top it off, Aaron, who was given a mysterious necklace thing that seems to hold some of the secrets to restoring everything, shows the item to Maggie. So now apparently she’s made aware that this was the item that everyone’s been killed for; this was the item that Charlie’s father was trying to hide when they came for him; this is the item that everyone’s looking for, and everyone’s willing to kill for. So what does she do? She holds it in her hand like a quarter, tossing it up and down in a trek through the overgrown cities and landmarks across the countryside. Does she bother to hide it to try to keep it a secret?

I have high hopes that this was a single episode with more problems than I just was capable of handling all at once. I truly hope that they get the story back on track and eliminate some of the overdone crap that was in this week’s episode. The story idea is sound, but unfortunately the story itself is turning out to being a big load of crap. I rate this week’s episode of 3 out of a possible 10.