Review: Grimm – “The Bottle Imp”

I have to admit it is been a long time since I’ve done a review on Grimm, and here we are already on season two episode seven. I have not stopped watching the show. There just hasn’t been a lot on it that is different from week to week that I felt it was necessary to report on. The show has taken on a life of its own, and the stories are fairly good. I’m kind of enjoying the monster of the week style storytelling that the show has kind of taken on. At the same time it is very much a live environment, and things keep changing, making it interesting each week with the new story.

Let’s start off a little bit talking about Juliette’s memory. Juliette Silverton is played by Bitsie Tulloch, and she’s the wife of the main star the show Nick Burkhart, played by David Giuntoli, who just happens to be a detective working for the police force. Interestingly enough in the season finale last year, she was put into a coma by spell cast by another character. She was brought out of this coma back in episode two of this season. This has created tremendous amount of tension between her and her boyfriend Nick. I’m real sure exactly how I felt about this, even though it seems to be a good part of the storyline. It just continues to lag on and on for almost half a season at this point. I’m looking forward to them wrapping it up or at least getting on with it.

Hank Griffin, played by Russell Hornsby, on the other hand, is Nick’s partner, and I’m enjoying the storyline going on with him quite a bit. Based on him seeing a few things, Nick finally open up and told him he was not losing his mind, and now is a part of Nick’s underworld life as a Grimm. In this episode we got to see Nick take Hank over to his trailer and show him all the weapons and books and potions and spells and stuff that’s kept in there. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the show at this point because it’s very rare in a show like this they actually let one of the characters find out what’s going on and actually actively participate.

Now we also have the storyline going on with Monroe, played by Silas Weir Mitchell, and his girlfriend Rosalie Calvert, played by Bree Turner. This is also pretty interesting storyline as Rosalie is out of town, and Monroe was filling in for her. I quite enjoy the fact that he accidentally mixed the potion incorrectly and then had to go clean up his mess afterwards. It was fun to see that he didn’t just kill someone. It just  kind of made the guy a little crazy, and he kind of took to destroying his apartment. When Monroe showed up I laughed and laughed, it was quite fun to watch.

Putting anything bad aside, I note that I have not even talked about the main storyline, and it was pretty good too. Overall I enjoyed this week quite a bit and I would rate Grimm an 8 out of a possible 10 this week.