Review: Revolution – “The Plague Dogs”

Revolution is one of the shows that I really really would like to like. There are many things to go on in the show that make it very difficult for me like it at times, but at the same time the premise of the show and the idea behind the show are some things that I really enjoy. This makes me at odds with myself when I watch the show a lot of times; you hate to nitpick the little things, but the same time all the big things don’t always work when you don’t pay attention to the little things. So what is one to do?

The good news is this week it again moved forward and was better than it was bad. Let’s start off by saying that I’m really glad that Miles finally told Charlie to shut up. I thoroughly enjoy him saying, shut the hell up, you little brat, and leave me alone. I’m not sure exactly what took him so long and why he put up with her crap for so long before he did it, but I’m glad he finally did. Now all we have to do is deal with the rest crew making him feel sorry about doing it.

The little puzzled by the statement that was made in one of Maggie’s flashbacks about steamships and steam engines all being under the control of the militia. If this is true, why haven’t we seen any of them being used? Now maybe they’re responding to complaints being made by blogs and reviewers like myself about the lack of technology that should in fact exist like steam power. I’m not sure, and I probably will actually never be sure. But with previews of next week to look forward to it appears we may actually get a steam powered train to make an appearance. This is a step forward from the chain gang the first week.

I have to say that I’m a little bit tired of Charlie protecting this little spy from the militia. She’s made this mistake so many times now, and it’s backfired on her practically every single time. When (or if) will she ever learn that handcuffing someone to a pole and leaving isn’t going to work? Hell she might even stand him in the corner next time. She seems to have this problem with everything, and you have to ask yourself, what the heck are they thinking? I keep hoping that at some point in the future that she’ll stop her crying and her whining and make up her mind. If she really wants to save her brother, she’s going have to consider the old saying that if you want to make a omelet you will have to crack a few eggs.

Danny (Charlie’s Brother) as it turns out has always been put down as the weakest of the group. Now with his kidnapping by the militia he’s undoubtedly been treated poorly, but he seems to be blossoming over the last couple of episodes, and taking care of himself especially when he was beaten up last week. Although this week he manages to trick them into getting him into shelter, then he manages to pick handcuffs with the piece of hay, or maybe it was a stick. Then he decides to run off, and I’ve never seen a poorer excuse for an attempt to escape in my life; running away actually requires that you run away.  We will not even talk about when he decides to “act like Charlie,” the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen him or anyone on the show do.

I was quite entertained by the attack dogs, and the guy that was controlling them seem to have them quite well-trained. Although I’m not sure that I believe it at all with the way things are in the world, in their current state, but with all other problems in this show this was the least of my worries. I had one other problem with this character that was his ability to lock someone in a room, booby-trap the door, and still be able to get out while leaving the booby-trap in place and him outside the door. This part of it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. There might have been more to it, but they did not show it.

Like I said I really would like to like Revolution, and as much as I speak bad about it there is quite a bit of it that I like. Unfortunately most of them don’t stand out because of the glaring mistakes that are made with the rest of the show. I also think that they have made great strides making the show better over the last couple of weeks as compared to what happened the second week. We are doing pretty good. I look forward to the show continuing and hope that it continues to improve. I would rate this episode about a 6 out of a possible 10.