Revolution Review: “No Quarter” and Promo Video

Well, after last week’s review there was very little left for me to say about Revolution as my disappointment was high, and my dissatisfaction with several items in the show was even greater. I did not hold out much hope for this week’s new episode, as I figured it would continue to plummet into the ditch. To my surprise this week’s episode was a lot better, and I don’t know if my expectations were just set so low from last week’s episode, or if they actually started to tell the story that I was expecting to see.

I think with this week’s review is going to be quite impossible for me to say other than it was a lot better, and there will definitely be some spoilers.

***** SPROLER ALERT *****

Now that we’ve got that warning out of the way, let’s talk about a few of the items that happened this week. Really in my eyes these items caused this story turn the corner little bit, in a really good way.

So first off, we find out that uncle Myles is more than just Billy Bad Ass that kicks a whole bunch of butt and knows how to “kill really good.” We find out that good ol’ uncle Myles is the one who started the militia and did it because he saw people getting beat up without reason. He did it as basically to serve as a police force to protect the citizens because “no one else will” as it turns out. Although he’s been taking the brunt of all the bad comments for what the militia has come to, he left the militia group after it turned sour (a bit late but left nonetheless), and his intentions were good. Not only that, but he puts his money where his mouth is and gives himself up to save the rest of the group, and he gives himself back to the militia, which we all know the penalty for treason is death.

Now let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on with the power, the science behind what’s all screwed up. We find out as the device actually turns itself on in Gracie’s home after they’ve arrived, searched over everything, and determine that there were “electronic devices” there, but none of it was still left as she was taken and/or killed last week. This week as they’ve given up and sit in the living room, the device mysteriously turns itself on, and the Walkman sitting on the table starts playing music. Maggie (the mom) finally just turned her iPhone back on and looks at the picture of her kids. Everything is short-lived as a device only stays on for 60 to 90 seconds, shuts itself off, and everything goes dark again. But at this point we know the truth, we know there is something behind everything failing, and we know there’s a way to fix it. And sorry for the nitpicky, but exactly how the hell did the batteries hold a charge for 15 years?

Now I turn my guns to Charlie again, as she seems quite capable of making every possible inappropriate bad decision. It also seems possible that uncle Myles is a freaking idiot and can’t stand all the puppies that have to die when she gives him that sad look and loses her cookies just thinking about her adult brother with asthma, unable to take care of himself in this harsh world that only she can protect them from. Again, she decides for the group to stay and help the rebels rebuild so that they can move. Again uncle dumb butt decides to listen to her, and following her lousy decisions as she makes the brave statements, “I’m going to stay, you do what you want.”  Ummmm, isn’t that what he’s been trying to do for the last two weeks? To get away from her and go on, getting what is needed to get Danny back? I think it’s time for uncle dumb butt to leave, but then again, who would be there to hold Charlie’s hand when she cries tonight thinking about her brother?

Speaking of Charlie’s brother, Danny is tied up and shackled in the back of the militia wagons. Yawn! Yawn! YYYYYYYYawnnnn! And of course he’s made some enemies, and of course you know he’s got to prove himself, blah blah blah. So basically the guy that he killed, his friend’s pissed off, and when the militia leader leaves camp, he beats him with a bag of soap (or something like that).  Danny then tricks him into thinking that he is having an asthma attack, chokes him with his shackles, and warns him that if he ever caused him harm again he would kill him. Then you see the militia leader standing there watching them. Yawn!

Now I have to point out that somewhere during the show there was a sword fight, and although I am quite fond of swordfights most of the time, I think that even without electricity, and even with all of the world’s power type devices going wonky you could do better than that. But, really? So you have two guys randomly run into each other, and you have these awesome swordfights in the middle of the show with all the other gunpowder type weapons that exist. Ummm really? (Shoot the fool!)

But getting down to the nitty-gritty. Revolution this week I believe really started to take a turn for the better. I think that a lot of important things changed. They gave me the impression that they were ramping up for something bigger and better with every episode. I found this week much more interesting, and it gave me a lot of hope for the up-and-coming episodes. I’ve also recently found out that it appears that NBC has ordered another nine episodes, I believe, the complete first season with 18 episodes. This could be good news: at this point they feel that the story has gotten strong enough to carry it another nine.

This week Revolution bounces back to 6.5 out of a possible 10. I actually have faith and hope that it’ll make a full comeback throughout the first season, and I’m looking forward to it.