Review: True Blood – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

True Blood for this week starts off with the vampires destroying the first of five plants that produce synthetic blood called true blood. This factory was located in Houston and produced approximately 25% of the world’s synthetic blood for vampires. Their plan is to destroy the plants and force the rest of the vampire world to feed on humans, thus ending their peaceful coexistence with humans. The story continues, and the vampires do in fact start panicking and stockpiling true blood. It appears that the plan is going to work.

Sookie calls on her witch doctor friend, who is basically the gay black guy that she’s known forever. He talks to some people, specifically her dead grandmother, and finds out that the person haunting her is located in a mysterious box under her bed. While this is going on, baby vampire Jessica is at the police station explaining to them that her boyfriend, who saved her from the hate group, did not run out on her. She’s trying to explain it was daylight, and he went out to get help, and in the meantime disappeared. Police department in all their wisdom don’t believe it; they think he ran to save his own butt.

The Sheriff finally figures out the old ex-sheriff is the Dragon of hate group, a grouping based on the Ku Klux Klan. So they go to the old ex-sheriff’s house and find out that he’s not there, remembering a clue brought to them by the werewolf hunters. The werewolf hunters are now a husband-and-wife team since she would not listen and insisted on helping her husband hunt down the hate group. They went and smelled pig poop at the murder scene, and picked up the scent of about five other humans. Using that, and when they get to his house, the deputy Sookie’s brother recognizes that his ex-wife was his old schoolteacher, and they own the pig farm. So they head out to go to the pig farm, where Sookie is being drugged with ginger ale spiked with OxyContin. The werewolf team shows up to the pig farm just in time to save Sookie, police drive up a few moments later, just time to help them wrap things up and get things all under control, the hate group has been broken up, and the leader is arrested.

Apparently the vampire leaders have released the ban on drinking from humans in public. This is going to create quite a stir, as if they haven’t already done enough to create quite a stir. The bar that used to be a safe haven for both humans and vampires to come and get a drink and enjoy themselves, was just overrun by a vampire that claims to be appointed the new leader in that region. To make matters worse, one of the crazy leader vampires shows up at the werewolf celebration of choosing their new pack leader. He opens his arm and drips blood in all the werewolfs mouths. He notices that the grandmother of the baby wolf is holding the baby wolf and is refusing to drink. He states that she should take a drink, and when she refuses, at lightspeed he flashes over and takes the baby wolf as a gift for crazy preacher vampire.

Two more factories were bombed, as a group of fairies shows up at Sookie’s house and tells her that the vampires are doing it because they’re taking over the world. The screen switches to the vampire homebase, with the two brothers attempting to make an escape. The plan backfires as one brother betrays the other and credits roll. That’s it for this week, and I suspect that next week will escalate the vampire war. Though it’s three episodes left this season, the previews look promising.