True Blood Review – July 28 – “In the Beginning”

Sookie considers life without fairy Powers, Sam locates shooters, Hoyt finds new friends. Now considering where everything ended up last week, I am looking forward to this week’s episode to figure out exactly what’s going on. On this particular review, I’m going to do it a little bit different. Like I used to do the podcast reviews, meaning to watch a little bit of it where there would normally be a commercial. And since there is no commercials on True Blood because it’s on HBO, I will assume that those spots where things break and the scene changes, that’s where they would be, if there was, if there were. I’ll pause recording, come over and write part of my article, and then go back to the show watch more of it, doing this to complete my review throughout show. I hope you enjoy this new format. Please leave me a message let me know what you think. Now on with review.

This one starts off with Sookie finding out that she is having a little bit of a problem with her fairy powers. She is only half fairy and half human, therefore she has a finite amount of power that she can use.  If she uses it all up, then she will “cease to be fairy,” as they put it. There was a little smirk on her face when she realizes she was going to be “normal,” then she immediately proceeded to get up and leave and tell them see you.

The next scene is quite entertaining. The vampire hunters form a hate group, sitting around and talking about how cool it is to be in a hate group because if it was called a love group, no one would join. It’s obviously a group of hillbillies that should be out making moonshine and hiding in the woods. Now, in the meantime the werewolf that’s hunting them is providing guidance to the police, and because he’s a werewolf, as he walks around the back room of the latest murder seen, he is sniffing everything, doing this to help them locate evidence. Some of the other cops that don’t know what he is are asking what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. The camera turns to him and he’s laying on the floor, rolling around like a dog in the backyard. It has to be one of the most funny scenes I’ve seen yet.

Now the pack of werewolves have a problem with leadership. They are in-fighting for the leading position. The outsider challenges for the new pack leader in an attempt to take over his role because he thinks he’s drinking vampire blood. This is like a drug to humans, and apparently to werewolves also.

Arlene is freaking out because her husband left as he’s being chased by a smoke monster. She’s is sitting in backroom of bar watching old movies of her wedding, freaking out because life was so good, and now it is falling apart. Sooner or later she’s going to realize that he is running from the real thing and could have help by providing a little support.

Sookie learns that her parents were killed because her blood was found in the backseat of their car, her blood smelling extra special to all vamps.  Her new-found brother, who’s no longer using sex to cover up his childhood problems, is at her side helping her out … blah blah blah, that part of the story has just gotten real boring, so on the next.

Well it looks like based on what we got going on here that everything is warming up for a really big war between humans and vampires. Vampires are walking the streets, taking what they want, killing who they want. Things have just kind of gotten completely out of control with the new vamps leadership allowing everyone at the top to have a taste of the original vamps’ blood.  I find it a lot more interesting than the slow pace of the story with Sookie.

Now the vampires that are running loose and got a little bit crazy from drinking some of the makers of blood, as I called Lilith’s blood. They have entered a little bar and taken over a wedding reception or something of that nature. They’re killing and eating and drinking everything. This causes a huge puddle of blood to form on the floor, and who comes from this puddle of blood on the floor but Lilith. Lilith is supposed to be the vampire of all vampires, the mother of all vampires, the beginning of the beginning, the start the start. She makes her appearance at the front door with full frontal nudity. Now the brothers are not getting along with the sister. Originally she lied to them, allowing them to think they escaped the vamps’ law when in reality she was setting them up to find the one vamp that is capable to free Lilith. As she’s talking to the sister, a spirit or ghost comes to the brothers and points out that this is wrong, and that he knows that it’s wrong, asking the brother to fix it, and implying the sister has to go. Everything is all ready to blow, then the credits roll. So now we know next week is going to be him trying to stop her. Then, the big fights, vampires vs vampires, werewolf vs werewolf, and humans stuck in the middle. Should be cool.

Hope you enjoyed my review, and I’ll see again next week. If you like to watch a lot of sci-fi I encourage you to please read more of my articles or listen to some of my podcasts.  You can find them posted at