SciFiFX Podcast #29 – News, George Lucas, SciCon: Lasers

This week we discuss the News.  We discuss whether George Lucas and other Directors, Writers, and Copyright owners have the right to change movies.

The SciCon this week is Energy Weapons (Lasers).

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Comic Book News:

Some DC New 52 books going to Second and Third Printings.

No more Alan Scott?


TV and Movie News:

Showtime to Make Steven Spielberg and Stephen King TV Series: Under the Dome.

Depp to Disney: “No Verbinski, No Me.”

Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Store to star in Reality TV show.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Dark Knight?


Doctor Who News:

U.N.I.T. Box Set – Invasion Of the Dinosaurs & The Android Invasion

Target Novel Reprints reach North America

Lance Parkin Doctor Who Reprints Released


Remake Hell:

George Clooney out of Man from U.N.C.L.E.


Star Wars News:

George Lucas Needs and Intervention.

George Lucas Speaks Before Congress in 1988.


SciCon: Technology
Lasers/Energy Weapons

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