SciFiFX Podcast #28 – FanFic: Good or Bad Idea, SciCon: The Enterprise

We discuss the News. Also if FanFic is a good thing or a bad thing. We have the results of the Last Man Standing: Robocop vs. Judge Dredd. Our SciCon is The Starship Enterprise.

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TV & Movie News:

New Star Trek Series on its way?

Deadman to replace Smallville on CW’s lineup?

Stan Lee Media Inc. Sues Conan the Barbarian

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Ghostbusters 3 a go, with or without Bill Murry?
Jekyll & Hyde Modern Reboot For US TV

Reel Steel Trailer: Looks much more interesting now.

JMS not working on new Babylon 5

Ridley Scott Returns to Blade Runner

MGM makes remake after remake: MGM is currently developing a Robocop remake, a Carrie remake, and now a remake of War Games.

Flatliners Remake on its way.

Invisible Man remake from Universal?

If Logan’s Run is successful, Nicolas Winding Refin may get Wonder Woman.

Comic Book News:

200,000 Copies of Justice League #1 Ordered

2011 Harvey Award Winners:

Awards News:

Gateworld SG-1 Season One Awards:

2011 Hugo Award Winners
UStream of the awards ceremony on the website.

Star Wars News:

Star Wars Blu-Ray Edition Tweeks

Doctor Who News:

Previously on Doctor Who: 5 minute video gets fans caught up on whats happened in the last 777 episodes

Doctor Who Motion Comic

Doctor Who Gets Full 7th Season: Moffat Putts Rumors to rest

Sarah Jane Adventure Season 4 Box set to include Doctor Who: The Pyramids of Mars as a bonus feature

BBC announces a special one-off mini-episode of Doctor Who:
BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential competition winners wrote the episode. The Episode is titled: Death Is The Only Answer

Elisabeth Sladen autobiography to be published November 7th, 2011

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