Doctor Who Target Reprints Reach North America

Diamond Book Distributors have announced that the first three of the Target reprints are shipping this week.

The Target novelizations of the Classic Doctor Who series were created in a time before frequent repeats and home video.  For the longest time they were the only way fans could experience a Doctor Who episode again.  Many featured cover art by acclaimed fantasy artist Chris Archilleos, and written by the original episodes’ writers.  When I was young they were the only way to “see” any of the lost Doctor Who epsiodes.  Quite frankly these novelizations were often much better to the original show as they were not hampered by small budgets.

This summer, BBC Books has reissued several of these classic Target novelization.  With beautiful reproductions of the original Chris Archilleos covers.  The reprints also feature brand new introductions from today’s top Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, including Stephen Baxter, and Neil Gaiman.

Doctor Who and The Daleks
by David Whitaker
with introduction by Neil Gaiman

The mysterious Doctor and his granddaughter Susan are joined by unwilling adventurers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright in an epic struggle for survival on an alien planet.

In a vast metal city they discover the survivors of a terrible nuclear war – the Daleks. Held captive in the deepest levels of the city, can the Doctor and his new companions stop the Daleks’ plan to totally exterminate their mortal enemies, the peace-loving Thals? More importantly, even if they can escape from the Daleks, will Ian and Barbara ever see their home planet Earth again?

Featuring the First Doctor as played by William Hartnell, and his companions Susan, Ian and Barbara.


Doctor Who and The Cybermen
by Gerry Davis
with introduction by Gareth Roberts

In 2070, the Earth’s weather is controlled from a base on the moon. But when the Doctor and his friends arrive, all is not well. They discover unexplained drops of air pressure, minor problems with the weather control systems, and an outbreak of a mysterious plague.

With Jamie injured, and members of the crew going missing, the Doctor realises that the moonbase is under attack. Some malevolent force is infecting the crew and sabotaging the systems as a prelude to an invasion of Earth. And the Doctor thinks he knows who is behind it: the Cybermen.

Featuring the Second Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton, and his companions Polly, Ben and Jamie.

Doctor Who and The Abominable Snowmen
by Terrance Dicks
with introduction by Stephen Baxter

The Doctor has been to Det-Sen Monastery before, and expects the welcome of a life time. But the monastery is a very different place from when the Doctor last came. Fearing at attack at any moment by the legendary Yeti, the monks are prepared to defend themselves, and see the Doctor as a threat.

The Doctor and his friends join forces with Travers, an English explorer out to prove the existence of the elusive abominable snowmen. But they soon discover that these Yeti are not the timid animals that Travers seeks. They are the unstoppable servants of an alien Intelligence.

Featuring the Second Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton, and his companions Jamie and Victoria.


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