Doctor Who: The U.N.I.T. Box Set

BBC Worldwide have announced that the Doctor Who stories Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Android Invasion will both be released in North America on the January 10th 2012.  The two stories will be released individually in North America, but will be a box set in th UK.

From BBC Worldwide:

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Written by Malcolm Hulke
Directed by Paddy Russell

Starring Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Martin Jarvis,Peter Miles

Doctor Who Story Code: WWW
6 epsiodes: Broadcast: Sat 12 Jan 1974 – Sat 16 Feb 1974
Total Running time: 147 minutes 15 seconds


Episode One of Invasion of the Dinosaurs only exists in the BBC Archives as a black and white film print. There is no official info on it yet, but I assume that the Doctor Who Restoration Team have perfomred a color restoration. They did some amazing work restoring episode 3 of Planet of the Daleks

The Android Invasion
Written by Terry Nation
Directed by Barry Letts

Starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter, Milton Johns,Martin Friend
Doctor Who Story Code: 4J Story Number:
4 epsiodes: Broadcast: Sat 22 Nov 1975 – Sat 13 Dec 1975
Total Running time: 98 minutes 11 seconds

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