SciFiFx Podcast #21 – Finale Reviews, Reverse the Polarity: The Dark Side, SciCon – Rockne S. O’Bannon

This week we talk about news, Series Finallies(SGU, Smallville, Lost, Farscape, Classic Doctor Who), Reverse the Polarity: The Dark Side and SciCon: Rockne S. O’Bannon (Creator of Farscape/Alien Nation/The Triangle/SeaQuest DSV)

Doctor Who/Torchwood News

Blue Peter Competition Winner TARDIS Toy

New Torchwood Radio Dramas

The Silents join the Doctor Who Experience

Big Finish: The Five Companions

Fifth Doctor Audio Dramas on BBC Radio4 Extra

The Doctor’s Wife: The Lost Scenes

‘Body Snatchers’ star Dana Wynter dies at 79

Classic Sci-Fi Restored with Color and New Soundtrack

Superman Returns to the American Way

Meet the new Batman villain — Emoticon-Man

NBC Passes On Wonder Woman

August 31st – DC will put only one book on comic shelves

Classic Marvel Comics Sacrificed for Upper Deck

Real Trek Technology

Is 2011 the year that network TV gave up on the geeks?