Review: Looper

Looper is movie primarily about four characters: Joe played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the older version of Joe played by Bruce Willis, Sara played by Emily Blunt, and her child Sid played by Pierce Gagnon. Joe is a Looper, which is basically a guy hired by the mob in the year 2072 to do a job 30 years into the past. Killing a guy 30 years before he actually exists makes it very easy to incinerate his body and dispose of all evidence. His job is basically to take people the mob want dead, kill them, and dispose of their body. Each person sent back has his hands tied behind his back, with his bag’s exact time and location predetermined.

Most of the time a body from the future appears, a special gun is fired kill this person. This body is then wrapped in a sheet or piece of plastic that was pre-laid down for this exact purpose, after which the Looper disposes of the body, in most cases incinerating it so there’s no proof that it ever existed.

Joe learns that a new mob boss in the future is “closing the loop” on all Loopers contracts. At the end of the Looper’s contract, he himself is sent back to be terminated by himself. At this point a Looper receives a heavy pay off and spends the next 30 years of his life in peace, only then to be sent 30 years in the past to be executed, if they live that long.

Emily Blunt plays Sarah, the mother of the said child played by Pierce Gagnon, who has a minor mutant talent that allows her to float items of the palm of her hand. This mutant talent is had by approximately 10% of the population, but for the most part never advanced beyond floating simple quarters in your hand. She, however, has a bit more ability than the average person.

Joe learns that Sid is the new mob boss that has brutally taken over the mob in the future and started “closing the loop” on all bloopers. Old Joe comes back, after losing his family and his life to the new mob boss, set on killing Sid. He’s received only one piece of information, which is a number that points to three child targets.

The movie is quite entertaining when it comes to all the time travel and confusion that it can cause in the way things change. I personally enjoyed the way that they  handled the first looper in the movie that failed to terminate himself, and when they demonstrated how changing him and the current would alter his future. It’s quite obvious that a tremendous amount of thought was put into time travel, paradoxes, and other details relating around this 30 year window, Loopers, and even the gang boss sent back to run the whole Looper program.

I particularly liked the way both Joes treated the relationship between themselves.  Joseph and Bruce make a very convincing partnership in this matter. I feel that both of them were very well set for the roles. Emily Blunt playing Sarah, the mother of the future gang boss Sid, plays the protective mother quite convincing. Sid the child shows a remarkable amount of talent in multiple arenas. He was quite convincing with his abilities of what was going to happen in the future and how he achieved his future success.

Overall the movie was very entertaining, but at times seemed a bit slow for no real reason. But I enjoyed it and would rate this movie a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. (CLICK HERE for Looper Trailer)