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Review: Grimm – “The Other Side”

Well here we are in season two episode eight of Grimm. Part of the story continues to get better, part of the story continues to get more and more annoying. Although overall the show is one heck of a good show, I’ll really be pleased when one of the story lines is dead.

Now let’s start off with the monster of the week. It is actually a hybrid created from one of the parents crossing DNA of their child before her son was even born. Now this gave their child a distinct ability to be extra smart. Unfortunately one of the side effects is that this child is also prone to violence and attacks. Personally I thought the creation was quite good and that under certain circumstances it could’ve worked out quite well, and unfortunately when things like this happen they have a tendency in shows like this to make everything bad happen all at once.

For the purpose of completeness I will cover Nick and his girlfriend Juliet. This part of the storyline is probably my least favorite. No, I take that back; it is definitely my least favorite. I’ll be glad when this part is over as each week it sucks up minutes of the show that otherwise are very good. I understand that the underlying thread with Nick’s captain in the overall scheme of things is important, but I think that the living arrangements and what’s going on with her memory is totally unbelievable and not very realistic. Then this week you throw in the problem of the captain having urges or feelings of obsession for her. I’m just not falling for this line of thought very well, and I don’t enjoy this part of the show.

Monroe continues to thrive in running the spice shop for his girlfriend while she continues mysteriously to be out of town. This week the storyline also intertwines with the one above as the captain visits, trying to find a special potion to cancel his obsession with Juliet. As Monroe continues to be a valuable asset to the show, I think it’s good that they found a way to give him some meaning other than just hanging around this house waiting for Nick to show up and recruit him for hunting. It kind of reminds me of all the friends Buffy acquired in her seven seasons that that story was going on.

Then there is kind of a side story, Renard’s royal brother is hooking up with the Hexenbiest so that she can figure out the best way to cause pain and suffering to the Grimm using the royal brother and feeding his greed to help causing problems for his brother. He has been a threat for some time, and Renard seems to stay arms length from the problem. But I believe now with this new team up, things will get very bad for the Hexenbiest again, and this time it might even take down Renard or at least his brother.

I would definitely rate this episode and 8 out of a possible 10. I enjoyed it, and I hope that soon the troublesome part of the storyline for me will be concluded so we can get on with whatever monster of the week seems to be causing trouble.