Rumor: Neil Gaiman Writes For Doctor Who Series 7

I don’t usually post rumors, but if this one is true, it could be one of the greatest things ever.  OK, the rumor goes that author Neil Gaiman, who gave us last year’s award winning The Doctor’s Wife, is writing an episode for Series 7 of Doctor Who.  Wait it gets better, supposedly he will be re-imagining the Cybermen!  The Cybermen were always my favorite Baddies/Monsters in the “Classic” Doctor Who series.  I haven’t been too fond of the Cybusmen in the “New” Doctor Who.

I know that Mr. Gaiman is a long time fan of Doctor Who.  My hope is that if he does re-imagine the Cybermen that he will give us actual Mondasian Cybermen, and get them a new sleeker look.  These Cybusmen we have lately are really slow and say “Delete” all the time where the real Cybermen would say things like “Excellent”, where do you thing Mr. Burns got it from?

If you are a “New” series fan and want to see really good Cybermen then check out Doctor Who: Earthshock.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor, I have not been able to find any official confirmation of this.


I found this after posting and just had to add it in here.

Neil Gaiman in a Hand Knitted Doctor Who Scarf.


***** UPDATE *****

In a recent interview in the Coventry Telegraph:

Asked for his views on how The Doctor’s Wife worked out in the end, Gaiman says: “It was so much fun! It’s one of those times when I was very, very lucky. The Doctor Who team are fantastic. Getting to work with Stephen Moffat as a script editor is a dream come true.

“I’m very used to Hollywood where they take this thing that you’ve done, and tell how you can make it worse. But the joy of doing my Doctor Who – it went through 11 drafts, and I think I enjoyed all of those 11 drafts.”

And the crucial question: Would he like to do any more Doctor Who scripts?

Speaking in an interview with the Press Association, Gaiman says it wouldn’t be easy: “Doing 11 drafts at BBC rates, I got rather behind on things that I’m meant to be doing. So right now I’m catching up frantically – I just handed in my first adult novel since 2005, and a new book for kids. I’m working on the pilot episode of the HBO American Gods series which I have to hand in.”

But he admits he would love to find time to be involved in Doctor Who again: “My plate right now is ridiculously full, but I love Doctor Who and would always try to make space on my plate – pushing that metaphor as far as it can go!”

So unfortunately the rumor is untrue, but hopefully someday we’ll get another Neil Gaiman penned Doctor Who episode.