Neil Gaiman Writing For Doctor Who Again?

Last month I posted a rumor that Neil Gaiman was writing another episode of Doctor Who.  I was not able to track down anything other than the basic rumor for weeks, and then Gaiman did an interview where he said he would love to write another episode of Doctor Who, but was far too busy at the moment.  A week and a half go by after that update, and then on Sunday September 2nd 2012; Neil Gaiman wins the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form for Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife.  In Mr. Gaiman’s acceptance speech he says:

“…only a fool or a mad man would try to do it again… so I’m on the third draft.”

So now we are left to wonder, is he really working on another Doctor Who script, is he just feeding the rumor, or was the previous interview just a smoke screen to cover up the accuracy of the rumor?  Of course it could also be that Gaiman has come up with a really good idea for a script since he said he wasn’t working on one.  I know how sometimes a great idea can just pop into a writer/artists head and they will just create until they are done.

Either way, congratulations to Neil Gaiman for winning the Hugo Award, and I do hope to see your name in the Doctor Who credits again very soon.