Cowboys and Aliens Was on Tonight!

I remember watching Cowboys and Aliens in the movie theater the first time around. I had very high expectations, and it was somewhat of a letdown. Tonight thanks to HBO, I had a chance to watch it a second time. This time I didn’t find as many flaws, and enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first time around.

Daniel Craig, who plays Jake Lonergan, is an outlaw that’s been captured by the aliens. The only problem is that he has escaped and lost his memories of what happened and who he is. Not knowing that he was running around in a town where the family that he’d stolen from lived. Of course the Clayborne family kind of owns this town, having all the money. Paul Dano played Piercy, the son that was kind of a reject of the family and seemed always get himself into trouble using and living on his father’s reputation.

Olivia Wilde played Ella Swenson, a mysterious woman who seemed to always ask just the right questions at just the wrong time. As it turns out she’s an alien from another race whose home family has been wiped out by the same aliens invading Earth. She’s been chasing them around and followed them to earth in an attempt to destroy them.

The chemistry between Olivia and Daniel Craig bleeds through on the screen and leaves you with the impression that there’s something more than just their hatred for some aliens that are visiting Earth in an attempt to collect all the gold and kill all the inhabitants.

The main battle scene at the very end, again, leaves me with the feeling that many more people died than were available in total. Putting that all aside, I again find the movie quite enjoyable entertaining and having a good mix of excitement, cowboys, aliens, sci-fi, and technology, combined with good old-fashioned gunfights.

I give the movie an 8 out of 10. I might just catch it again here the next few weeks to see if there’s anything else that I missed. I suggest if you like cowboy movies, and you’re sci-fi fan, this is a must see.