Lobo Has A New Director?

It was reported by io9 today that the movie adaptation of Lobo, a character from DC Comics, has a new director.

Initially Guy Ritchie was initially slated to direct this film, but backed out instead to pursue a sequel to his Sherlock Holmes. Now, Brad Peyton is set to direct this movie. If you don’t know the name, you’re the lucky one. His credits include the recent Journey 2: the Mysterious Island and Cats and Dog: the Revenge of Kitty Galore. As you can see, this man is clearly the perfect choice to direct Lobo. If I have anything to say on this, it’s that I know people feel the need to expand their horizons. This could do that for Peyton, because he hasn’t done much else to really prove his chops. Such a project, if done to its full capacity, could earn a hard R for its violence and other themes. While true, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way (as Lobo has shown up in many Superman stories), it lends itself so much better to it for a solo feature. That could earn Peyton a lot of credit if he could successfully pull this off. However, I think it’s more likely that WB/DC is about to put out another turkey.

While no actor has come forth and claimed that he’ll be playing the character, I’ve got suspicions on that front. Yesterday, Blastr reported that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is eyeing a particular “superhero” role for the near future. While Lobo is no superhero by any stretch, this wouldn’t be hard to believe that they’d try to put him in the role. He’s also worked with Brad Peyton before, so there’s another easy-to-buy explanation. I don’t particularly like the idea. The Rock would never be my first choice for Lobo or really any DC character I could name. I know a long while back, there was talk of people wanting him to play Black Adam in a Captain Marvel movie. I don’t think he’s a horrid actor, I’m just not sure he’s what I’m looking for in a superhero/villain-type role. Matter of fact, I would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Comedian in Watchmen & John Winchester in Supernatural) in the role.

For those who don’t know Lobo; he is the last Czarnian. Depending on where you saw his origins, it’s generally excepted that he unleashed some sort of deadly something that wiped out his race. In Superman: the Animated Series, it was a deadly virus as a science project. He gave himself an A. Whichever origin you followed, he grew up to be the universe’s best bounty hunter, with a strength to rival Superman and the heightened senses of a wild animal. One of his creators; Keith Giffen, described him as a cross between the Punisher & Wolverine. Apt description considering his regeneration and determination to see a job through. He even faced Wolverine in a one on one match during the 1996 DC vs. Marvel crossover. It was a fight that fans voted on, which culminated in Wolverine winning the battle.

As with anything, rumors are flying all over the place about DC projects. Some are true, and some are not. Of course the rumor talk about a Justice League movie has surfaced again, due in no small part to the success of the Avengers. There’s even talk that Warner Brothers have been talking to Christopher Nolan about the project, much as they did with Man of Steel. It’s not confirmed, but it’s not a hard stretch to imagine either. With the Christopher Nolan Batman leaving screens after this next film, WB is likely desperate to keep putting their comic character properties forward. While Lobo is one I’d love to see, I don’t think they’re going to right direction with it. As you know, I’ve been very harsh on my criticism towards WB/DC in the handling of their movie properties. Money talks though, and the Dark Knight says that I was wrong. However, the Avengers also says I’m right. In my personal opinion, I think they need to back out of doing characters like this and really focus on films that, much like Marvel has done, will lead to a Justice League film. I don’t mean interpretations of the characters, but actual characters that can stand to be in the same room with one another. As it stands now, there are none in the line up they’ve produced that could.

Back to the topic of Lobo, all I can say is that they’ve had others attached to this project. It died away and faded into memory, and I can only hope that this might be true again. It could surprise me and be awesome. Until something more is produced I’m really tilting at windmills. However, it seems when I’m least excited about something that WB is doing within the DC line, it’s usually the project that ends up being made.

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