Iron Man Was on TV Last Night

It has been a long time since I’ve seen Iron Man, the original movie, and there has been a lot of releases connected to it since then. They have really altered the perspective that you got when you originally watched it. You kind of have a different perspective of Tony Stark from when you originally watched it , and he ends being the character that you hoped he would be.

Watching it again, all this changes, and you know who he is, and in some aspects this makes the movie even better because you know what to expect from him. I personally enjoy going back and watching him go from this warmonger that he was, to someone who cared about someone that he met in a cave under duress with little hope of anyone ever really knowing what happened. The anger that was in his eyes when he noticed that the city that his friend in that cave was from was under attack, being destroyed the very people that illegally had his weapons, was something I just could not have understood the first time around.

The relationship that he started with Pepper Potts when he leaves her standing on the balcony after finding out that his weapons are illegally being distributed under the table… It made me laugh to see her get even with him later when she reminds him that he walked off and left her stranded on the balcony all alone, waiting for him to return with her drink. So very few people can put him in his place, and she does it many times though out the movie.

This time I noticed a lot of little things I didn’t get to see the first 600 times, for example, the reaction of what will someday be War Machine, after seeing Tony fly away as Iron Man from his garage. Who could forget Agent Coulson, that now you notice even though he gets the special interview with Pepper to protect her as she’s leaving the Stark Industries building, you now know that was a much more important start of a relationship that’s linked in, and the thread that kind of glues all the movies together. Not only that, you know he is not just a dumb agent, he has a little game that doesn’t come out till later.

Then the revealing end of the show when Tony Stark admits to a roomful of press that he is the Iron Man. This is the scene that you’ve always wanted to see where the superhero finally accepts who he is and looks forward to doing what he wants to do, and doesn’t look back at what he’s doing now with regret. He looks back at what he did before he was a superhero with regret. (Yes, Tony I called you superhero). But not only was it done, it was done with such a perfect balance that you never felt it was out of character, yet you always knew that he’d changed forever and would someday become an Avenger.

Even on a replay this movie scores and easy 8.5 out of a possible 10, and watching it only makes me look forward to those days when the next movie comes out next year. Not only this, but I look forward to all the movies in this entire series, and have to salute Marvel Comics in an achievement that has brought comics back to the front lines for a large portion of the population and an entire new generation of kids. Some of these kids are going to look back at this series as the Star Wars of the day.