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Alien Tornado Preview

Alien Tornado is the next disaster movie from the SyFy Channel.  It debuts on Saturday April 21st at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central.

I’m not sure how much there is to say about Alien Tornado, it’s your typical disaster movie about Alien’s using tornadoes to try and destroy the Earth.  I know it sounds unusual, but the only thing that makes it different from any SyFy disaster movie is the Alien angle.

The biggest problem I had with Alien Tornado is that the whole Alien part of it was really no more than a reason to have lots of precisely controlled tornadoes all over the place.  Oh and they could put lots of flashy light effects in the tornadoes and give them tentacles.  Holy Tornado Tentacles Batman!  Yep you read that right the tornadoes have tentacles, so they can just reach out and grab people, instead of just running over them like ordinary Earth tornadoes.  Basically they determine the tornadoes are being controlled by aliens that the Government refers to as “The Nimbus”.  But you never really learn or see anything of the Nimbus except that they control the tornadoes and are beings of pure energy.  I think the movie would have been much more interesting if we got to see the Nimbus and maybe learn why they were attacking us, and what they intended to get from it.

Usually I consider Jeff Fahey and Kari Wuhrer to be adequate actors; unfortunately they were by far the best actors in the movie.  They were not enough to carry it.  David Jensen, who played Armstrong had a couple of good one liners and a really creepy laugh at one point, but it was too little too late.  Armstrong is portrayed as the hard calculating leader of the Men in Black, really more of Guys in Gray Track Suits, then at one point he totally loses it, but then in the next scene he’s back to being the cold hard leader.

Final Thoughts:

Overall on a rating of 1-10, 10 being the best.  I would give Alien Tornado a 2 as it gave me something to do on my train ride into work.  If you just want a disaster movie that isn’t going to make you think about anything and doesn’t have to make much sense, then Alien Tornado is for you.  On the other hand if you want something more entertaining than background noise, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Also there is an audio review attached by Matt McIntosh.

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