Zombie Apocalypse Preview

Zombie Apocalypse is a SyFy Channel Original Movie that premiers Saturday, October 29th at 9PM (ET/PT).

***Warning the Following contains Minor Spoilers***

As far as Zombie movies go Zombie Apocalypse is pretty good.  I mean you have Ving Rhames using a huge sledge hammer to kill zombies, oh and a hot chick with a samurai sword.  What more could you ask for in a zombie movie?  Oh yeah, lots of blood and guts.  Well there are plenty of those as well, although the CG effects are the usual lackluster affair that we have come to expect of a SyFy Chanel Movie.  Most of the Zombie makup is decent although there are a few crowd scenes where some of the Zombies are clearling wearing some loose fitting masks.

It is of course full of all the standard Zombie movie fare.  One of the main crew is bitten, they loose a few of the party while trying to reach a zombie free sanctuary (in Catalina), they run into some more survivors and join forces, and of course Zmbies pouring out of the wood work.  But hey you also get Zombie Dogs!  You don’t see those in every movie, they usually limit the Virus to humans, with a few exceptions (Resident Evil).

Zombie Tigers!

I like Zombie movies, but I have to be in the mood to enjoy them.  I watched Zombie Apocalyse while riding the train to work, surrounded by the other commuting zombies, so that may have helped add to my enjoyment of the film.

All in all if you like Zombie movies give Zombie Apocalypse a try.


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