Preview: SyFy’s Snowmageddon


When a family in Normal Alaska receives a mysterious gift of a Snow Globe on Christmas Eve all Snowmageddon breaks loose.  Snowmageddon premiers on the SyFy Channel on Saturday December 10th at 9PM Eastern Time.

My Thoughts:

Snowmageddon has some really good concepts, they just aren’t used to their full potential.  Also if you are going to blatantly rip of Lord Of The Rings main plot line, don’t invent a fake game for the little boy (Rudy) to be relating everything to.  Have Rudy relate it to Lord Of The Rings, I mean who hasn’t read it or at least seen the movies?  In the first 5 minutes of the movie I was already thinking that the Snow Globe of Doom would need to be thrown into the volcano, of course that feeling isn’t hurt any by them constantly focusing on the volcano on the game’s playboard.

On with the mildly spoilery part of the Preview:

After the Mysterious package is opened and the Snow Globe of Doom is activated all kinds of craziness starts happening.  The ground splits open in town, and of course when ever that happens 10 foot flames shoot up out of the ground.  They latter mention that the gas mains are intact. And the busted town clock that hasn’t worked in decades starts working again.

Then a giant storm breaks out and shoots huge ice balls at the town.  These ice balls shatter into lots of ice shards before impacting the ground.  I have to give them this; the effect of the ice balls shattering in mid air and the shards flying in all directions was very well done.

For the most part the main characters are fairly likable, but have you ever just wanted to slap a character in a movie?  Well, that’s how I feel about the teenage daughter.  She is utterly useless; she just screams and panics constantly.  So naturally once you get the parents, the teenage daughter, the babysitter, and the teenage snowboarding heart throb together, they decide to look for the Rudy, so they split up.  I know, we’ll send the 2 adults one way and the 3 teenagers the other, makes perfect sense to me.  Then Rudy’s baby sitter just kind of heads off and does her own thing.

The Snow Globe of Doom’s third act is to start shooting pointy trees out of the ground really quickly, impaling cars and people.

This Snow Globe of Doom would be awesome for reclaiming desolate land or terraforming, just make sure the area is clear of people and chunk it in there.  First it splits open the ground (irrigation) then it pummels the ground with ice shards (ice melts you have water), then you get an instant forest.  I wonder if Normal Alaska is a testing ground for some NASA/Area51 terraforming equipment.

Here’s a thought Syfy, if your Haven Christmas Special is based around a magical Snow Globe that affects the whole town, maybe don’t release a movie at the same time about a magical Snow Globe that affects the whole town.  Try and space stuff like that out more than say a week.

Snowmageddon is worth a watch if nothing else is on, but I would not go out of my way for it.  On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 2.5.


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