Preview: End of the World

End of the World premiers on SyFy Channel on Saturday the 23rd of February at 9/8PM (ET/CT).

Plasma rain causes massive power surges, collapsing communication networks, and reduces cities to piles of ash.  Two small town sci-fi fan boys, who work at a video store, dig deep into their vast knowledge of disaster movies to devise a plan that could rescue humanity from complete obliteration.

End of the World stars Brad Dourif (Lord of the Rings), Niel Grayston (Eureka), Greg Grunberg (Heroes), Mark Hildreth (V: TV Series 2011), and Caroline Cave (Stargate Universe).

Yeah, I know it sounds like the premise of another really bad SyFy Channel disaster movie, but it’s actually pretty funny.


End of the World seems to by SyFy Channel’s Valentine to SciFi fans.  It’s full of movie/TV references and even pokes fun at some of the worst SyFy Channel movies.  The special effects were better than most SyFy Channel movies, and the acting was much better than their usual.  Usually the lead actors in the SyFy movies are pretty good; it’s the secondary characters that they usually seem to just get anyone off the street that might be able to complete a sentence.  This time around SyFy seems to have acquired some very good secondary actors in addition to the excellent lead cast.

This was a fun movie, the only problem I had with it was the van our heroes were driving.  They had a problem starting the van, every time.  So naturally if they stopped, even for just a minute, they would kill the engine, and then struggle to get it running again, every single time.  You would think after the first or second time they would just leave it running, but common sense has never played a part of any SyFy disaster movie.  As far as nitpicks go it’s a small one.  End of the World isn’t going to win any awards, but is a fun movie, with some good laughs in it.

Final Thoughts:

End of the World is a fun movie, especially with a group of friends, and some popcorn.  It’s a good watch and I would give it a 6 out of 10.  If SyFy can continue to make movies at this level, Saturday might not be the Most Dangerous Night on Television anymore.  It would actually be enjoyable to tune into SyFy on Saturday night.