Stan Lee Media Inc. Sues Conan the Barbarian



Originally Reported on Cinema Blend.

 Thanks to The Fellowship of the Geeks for bringing this to my attention.

Stan Lee Media Inc. is suing for 100% of the proceeds from Conan the Barbarian.  Stan Lee Media Inc. purchased the rights to the Conan series in 2000.  They went bankrupt in 2002 and the rights were sold to Paradox Entertainment, but according to the lawsuit, the sale was not legal, as they didn’t have permission of the stockholders.  The lawsuit also says that the company was betrayed by their lawyer.

 What gets me is that Stan Lee Media Inc, waited until the premier day of the movie to file suit, even though director Marcus Nispel signed on to the project in 2009.  So why wait 2 years while the movie is in production before you file?  Why not file a Cease and Desist and have production of the movie stopped before Lionsgate dropped $90 million and 2 years on production and promotion?  Why, because Stan Lee Media Inc. wants all the profit for no effort.  They want to walk in at the last moment and grab what little cash Conan is making, with no investment.

 I think, if you don’t file suit within a reasonable time, say a month or two, of a product being publicly announced that infringes on your Intellectual Property/Patents (I’m looking at you tech companies), then you’ve waived your rights.  I’m tired of reading articles about tech companies, movie studios, and publishing houses waiting until a product hits the market after a few years in development, before filling a lawsuit.  These big companies buy up all the Intellectual Properties/Patents that they really have no intention of using and then wait for someone else to do something with them and then step in at the last minute to make a money grab.  I have no problem with a company protecting their properties, but they don’t have to wait until someone else has dropped a lot of money/time into it before putting a stop to it.

 What do you think?

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