Fandays 2012 – Stan Lee Q&A – Podcast #74

This is the first of our SciFiFX coverage from Fandays 2012 in Irving, Texas. As it turns out Fandays was one of the better conventions we had been to in a very long time. They have corrected all of their issues, and I am telling you this was one awesome show! So we’ve got all the coverage coming up in each of the podcasts over the next week, and we hope that you come back and hear them.  Also keep in mind if you haven’t already found it, we’ve got tons of pictures on the website. Pick any one of our photo albums from fans days, and it will be up to show you all the costumes. Not to mention we had Big Dog writing a follow-up article each day, giving you the breakdown the nitty-gritty of everything going on. You will find links to all of these articles and more below.

Today I have Carl and Big Dog with a wrap-up of day one followed by the Q&A from Stan “the Man” himself.

Day 1 Followup

Day 2 Followup

Day 3 Followup

Fandays Photo Album