Syfy Boogeyman Preview

The Boogeyman is a story about a couple of kids that while messing around accidentally release the creature. This creature called the Boogeyman goes on a killing spree, and after doing so, attempts to traditionally pick someone to look after him to be his guardian. This guardian is selected by the Boogeyman himself, and the deal is sealed when the Guardian is branded.

Now a lot like Carl said in his review, I did not give this much of a chance. There are several things in this movie that I could point out that are wrong or bad, most of which are the coincidences that just drive me crazy on movies like this. For example, the boy that just so happens to break into the house and release the Boogeyman is related to the cop that ends up investigating it. Then, the cop’s partner/girlfriend just so happens to be the daughter of the current Guardian.  Now this wouldn’t be a problem in a very small town, but this town has at least seven cops, how small could it be?

I can also point out multiple times where the story details just doesn’t make sense. For example, at one point the two boys get separated, and the younger one goes home. The older boy comes home looking for his brother, suspecting something is wrong, he walks through a pitch dark house looking for his brother, without turning on a single light. Now younger brother does point out to him, “What are you doing walking around in the dark?”

On the other hand, I can also point out several things about the movie that I liked. I’m not sure that I agree with the name, but the actual concept itself wasn’t too bad: the concept of an ancient creature can’t be killed, requires constant maintenance, and the protection or the attention of the Guardian for his entire life and throughout history. Not really such a bad idea, as long as it’s implemented well.

On the bright side of things Warehouse 13‘s Eddie McClintock, and Rebecca played by Emma Samms, definitely did outshine anyone else in the show. His sense of humor reminds me of his role in Warehouse 13, and both of them did an excellent job of acting. But there is little that can make up for the mother and daughter in the house. The only good thing that can be said about the mother in the house is I’m glad she got killed quickly so I didn’t have to see any more of her acting.

Unfortunately my list of things that I appreciate or like about the movie is a lot shorter than my list of things that I actually dislike. Overall I didn’t think the movie was all that bad, but I have to say I did find myself a dozen or so times throughout the movie wondering what the hell. There were some funny moments, one-liners that got through and made a good point, and even a few good comeback statements here and there. Overall, it’s something I enjoyed watching once, but I certainly wouldn’t watch it again anytime soon.

I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this movie about a 4, it may be a bit better, maybe a 5 or 5 ½ as Carl suggested in his review. I think with a little simple planning, they could’ve eliminated a lot of the problems that caused this movie to get such a low score. I’m hoping that the final product will look better than the preview screener that I got to see, because there are times where it seems like there are lot of people on the set smoking or someone forgot to turn off smoke machine.

Like I talked about several times in the review you should also see Carl’s review for a list of good and bad!