SciFiFX Podcast #60 – Ghost Story – The Woman in Black

Welcome back to the podcast. This week is episode number 60. Yes we made it to number 60 and we thought after reading a bunch of good reviews from Carl and Troy that we should do a review on a ghost story. The Woman in Black turned out to be one of the best ghost stories I’ve seen in a long time. Big Dog seems to agree that it’s a pretty darn good show. We go into great depth about the movie and the characters. We even talk a lot about Harry Potter, or Daniel Radcliffe, as he’s known outside of his Harry Potter movies.

This movie brings us back to a classic time when storytelling was the highest priority and special effects were secondary, or in some cases not even possible. I’ve heard it said by many including Carl and Troy, your imagination creates better special effects than any movie producer ever can.

You will enjoy our review of this movie and the creepiness that it gives you when you watch it. Big Dog goes on to suggest several great movies and shows that pertain around ghost stories, supernatural, or horror. We look forward to your feedback so make sure your return and send us a message let us know what you think and if you have ideas for additional podcast submit them to us, and who knows maybe we’ll even find time to do your personalized podcast.