Podcast #92 – 2013 Things to Come

This week we discuss the things we are looking forward to in 2013.  We discuss what events, books, TV shows, and movies we are most interested in attending, reading, listening too, and seeing in 2013.  Of course our usual staples of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Supernatural are on the list, but tune in to see what may be on the horizon that you where not aware of.  I myself learned that a Lego Batman Movie is in the works, and I look forward to that!  you can find the trailer for the Lego Batman movie here.

Going forward in this new year we would like to take a moment to ask you to help out someone who may be less fortunate than yourself.  This week we would like to bring your attention to Kawasaki’s Disease, and the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.  They are a non-profit organization that helps children suffering from this terrible condition. Learn more at http://www.kdfoundation.org/