SciFiFX Podcast #15 – Wonder Woman

This podcast for April 3rd, 2011 we cover the news like always then we followed up with talk about The Original Wonder Woman Series with Linda Carter, this was followed by a review of the Wonder Woman Animated Movie in 2009, and last we talked about Wonder Woman as the SciCon for the week.

Listener Question? Do we think the Wonder Woman, Superman and the like have out dated costumes that effect your option or willingness to watch or follow them?

Green Lantern footage shown at Wondercon.

New British SciFi Comedy Movie Attack the Block

Dirk Gently picked up by BBC4

Torchwood News:

Murry gold to compose the soundtrack for Torchwood Miracle Day.

Torchwood Miracle Day teaser trailer.

Doctor Who News:

Series 6 Trailer Released

BBC America Series 6 trailer released.

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett celebrate the birth of their Daughter.

4th Doctor Maxi Bust

Schools to create new Doctor Who adventure.

Doctor Who Monster Invasion Magazine launches in May.

Petition to get Character Options to create a Scream of the Shalka Doctor Figure.

BBC America schedule shows Doctor Who: Day of the Moon the second episode of Series 6 airing on April 30th

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 DVD and Blu-ray available for Pre order.

Doctor Who Crafts: TARDIS Blanket

Justice League Movie 2013 and Reboot for Batman

Zack Snyder Addresses Justice League Rumors

Amy Adams Receives Approval From Original Lois Lane

Smallville Debutes Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Joanne Siegel’s posthumous appeal to Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman TV Costume Change – Pics and Video

Star Wars Blu-Ray Release Date Confirmed – Sept 16

Prime Focus Selected to Convert Star Wars Episode I to 3D

WonderCon Clone Wars Panel – Filoni Q&A and Season 4 Trailer (Ackbar!!!)

Petition of the 2000