More Pictures of the New Judge Dredd Movie!

Well here we are only two months away from September 21, 2012, and the next installment of Judge Dredd. I’ve watched the trailers, I listened to all the hype, and now I’m ready to put in my two cents on the net before the release date gets here.

It appears from the last movie they learn an important lesson, no one should see who Judge Dredd is without his helmet. And I wish the makers of The Amazing Spider-Man had taken a page out of the same book and keep the face of the character hidden at least when using costume or of public. This was all confirmed, at ComicCon 2012, so now we know for sure we won’t get to see Karl Urban as Judge Dredd without his helmet, just like we didn’t get to see a face in the original comics.

I’m not sure how I feel about the movie coming out in 3-D. Most of the time I’m not a fan of 3-D. Although I did see a few aspects from the trailers of the movie that might benefit from 3-D technology, I’ll reserve how I feel until after I’ve seen the movie, and how well they do implementing the technology. The movie also stars Domhnall Gleeson, Santi Scinelli, Deobia Oparei, Jason Cope, and Brandon Livanos, and is directed by Pete Travis.

Now for some good news, it would appear that they have released five new photographs from the movie which I have attached to this article for you to enjoy. Each of the miniature pictures included in this article can be clicked on to show a high resolution version of the image. If you have a prediction, or other opinion I encourage you to leave me a note let me know how you feel. Otherwise, keep in mind… I am the law.