X-Men: First Class was on Tonight

X-Men: First Class has been out for a while, and owning a comic book store you would think that it was something that I have seen already. I had the intention of seeing the movie when it first came out, but I never seemed to find the time or have the opportunity to do so, and this is what made it such a perfect movie to watch when I found it on HBO.

X-Men: First Class has been out since 2011, and its rating on IMDB ranks is fairly high at 7.9. In addition, it did over $146 million in domestic box office revenue. This movie goes back to the origins of the X-Men and starts off in 1962 with United States government enlisting help of the mutants for their superhuman abilities to stop malicious dictator who’s determined to start WW III. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the movie, the world lines up perfectly with the Cuban missile crisis, giving you an alternative background the general public would be totally unaware of if it had truly happened.

There were several cast members that I found quite enjoyable, and for the most part there really is not a whole lot here to complain about. There is one notable exception, I was quite disappointed with the overall performance and ability to make Emma Frost, played by January Jones, what I perceive to be much more elegant, and for all practical purposes beautiful, and sought after for those attributes. The only other complaint that I have, which really is more of a pet peeve than a complaint, in this movie the number of coincidences of different parties being related to characters later began to add up as the movie went on to such a point that it seemed quite unbelievable that it wasn’t set up or scripted.

Like I said though, the plot, storyline, and the embedded humor make up for what little things I have a complaint about, making this a very entertaining fun to watch and enjoyable X-Men movie. I would rate X-Men: First Class with an 8 out of a possible 10, this being on strong plot, storyline, and lots of entertainment value.