Blake’s 7 Returns to TV, on SyFy?

Yep, the owners of the Blake’s 7 series have been trying to get a reboot on the screen for a long time.  The project has been on and off for several years.  But it appears that has all changed now.

SyFy has signed on to develop the cult UK SciFi series with Georgeville Television and producer Marc Rosen.  Martin Campell (Casino Royale, Green Lantern) will direct, and Joe Pokaski (Heroes, CSI) will write the script.

Blake’s 7 was originally created by Terry Nation, it premiered on the BBC in 1978, and ran for 4 seasons.  Terry Nation is also the creator of the Daleks (Doctor Who), and the series Survivors that ran from 1975-1977.  Survivors was recently rebooted in 2008.

Maybe this will be the space drama that SciFi Television is missing.  Blake’s 7 still holds a cult following after all these years, and Big Finish is currently producing B7 audio dramas with the original cast members.  The series is based around a group of escaped criminals that find an abandoned, incredibly powerful, alien spaceship and use it to fight back at the corrupt Federation that is enslaving the galaxy.

I’m not one for reboots, but I think Blake’s 7 could benefit from the reboot treatment if handled properly.