SciFiFX Podcast #19 – Doctor Who

This week we go through the news and talk in detail about it. We also review past Doctor Who in honor of Sarah Jane. We take a indept look at Doctor Who: The Ark in Space and Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars. Them we move to the current time and take a look at the latest season openers from Matt Smith.

Remembering William Campbell

Zorro Reboot

Vampire Diaries & Supernatural renewed

Memorial Plaque Honoring Superman Creators Stolen

Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship

New York Post
Free Republic Message Board chat (most of this is pure disgraceful)
Comic Book Movie News
Yahoo News (via Newsarama)
Sean Hannity Forums (again, a lot of disgracefulness to this)

The Game of Rassilon

Matt Smith nominated for BAFTA

Doctor Who Monopoly

Doctor Who on Today Show

John de Lancie signs on for Torchwood

Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011

The Hand of Fear Repeated in Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)
Born February 1st 1948 – April 19th 2011


Doctor Who News Page

Fan Tribute.

Doctor’s Pay Tribute


TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space)

Virtually Indestructible, the TARDIS can travel to any point in Time or Space, and sometimes even to Alternate Dimensions (Inferno, Rise of the Cybermen, Age of Steel). It can even survive trips to pocket Universes such as E-Space.

The TARDIS is Dimensionally Transcendental, which means that it is bigger on the inside than the outside. A fully equipped TARDIS contains several redundant power plants, a cloister room, a library, several laboratories, a wardrobe with clothing from all planets and time periods so that the travelers can fit in when/wherever they go, as well as many other rooms for various purposes. The Doctor’s TARDIS has been explored extensively in the Big Finish Audios, as well as in books. It has been shown to have rooms that are large enough to have their own weather systems. Some rooms contain rolling fields and mountain ranges; some are even filled with wildlife, from various planets.

A TARDIS is a sentient machine that is as much grown as constructed. It is able to repair itself, yet the Doctor is always performing maintenance/repairs on his TARDIS. The Doctor’s TARDIS was stolen from a repair bay on Gallifrey before all the repairs where completed, which explains its sometimes erratic behavior. The TARDIS has a Chameleon Circuit which allows it to change its external appearance so that it will go unnoticed no matter where/when it lands. The Doctor’s TARDIS Chameleon Circuit has been stuck in the Form of a 1950’s Police Box since he landed there in 1963. He partially repaired it once, but did not like that it kept changing and permanently locked it into the shape of the Police Box.

Most TARDISes are exploratory and research vessels only equipped with no offensive weaponry, they are all however equipped with a force field which virtually impenetrable. The Timelords do posses Battle TARDISes that are fully equipped for war with weapons such as Temporal Torpedoes. The Torpedoes stop time in the vehilcle/object that they hit until the Timelords restart it, allowing them to capture enemy vehicles and then unlock them at their leisure.