SciFiFx Podcast #7 – News and SciCon Lightsaber

This weeks podcast for January 30th, 2011 was the seventh podcast that we have done. It was based on tons of Sci-fi news, including Superman casting, a fake posting for Matrix 4 and 5, Wizards Magazine going away, Razzie, Avatar Dates, Comic Book Legal Definse Team, Nimoy Returns to Fringe, 2011 Oscar and tons more including Dr Who News from Carl.

You can download it here

General News

Superman Casting News

Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis have plans for Matrix 4 & 5

Wizard Magazine is No More

Razzie Nominations

Avatar Sequel Dates

Meet the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Nimoy Returns to Fringe

2011 Oscar Nods

Next Prachett TV Adaptation – Unseen Academicals

McG Approached for Wonder Woman?

Concept Art Shows Dreamworks Animated Version of Mr. Peabody

New Official Thundercats Design Released

Captain America Movie Name Change Overseas
Hobbit Filming Delayed

Sci-Fi Short Stories Magazine: Scam or Rip-off?

ABC’s CSI: Poe

Doctor Who News:

Welsh toy company Kids@Play have announced the launch of a new Ride-in Dalek toy for children! The toy is aimed for three to six year olds (maximum weight of 30kg).

Police Box for sale in South Yorkshire

Doctor Who Snubbed at the NTA Awards.
Doctor Who lost the Best Drama award to Waterloo Road, and Matt Smith lost the Best Drama Perfomrance award to David Jason.

NTA Doctor Who Opening

DVD News:
The Ambassadors of Death DVD delayed.
Due to ongoing restoration issues The Ambassadors of Death DVD will not be released this year as previously reported.  It was to be released with The Sun Makers in a set titled Solar System Box Set.  The Sun Makers will now be a solo release.

Book News:
Who’s That Girl? – The Autobiography of Elisabeth Sladen
Released on April 25th

The Man Who Invented the Daleks – The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation
Released in May