SciFiFX Podcast #16 – News and Classic Superheroes

This is the 16th podcast by SciFiFX we hope that you enjoy it, we have included talk about news and lots of good talk about how the classics fit into the current world. We touch the subject from many prospectives.

Doctor Who News:

BBC America Interview with the TARDIS crew

Preview Screening of Episodes 1 & 2 in Chicago

Karen Gillan to be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

SFX TARDIS Sound Effects Cover

Classic Doctor Who Revisitations 2 Distribution Issue

First 7 Episode Titles for Season Six Announced.

Game of Thrones – First 14 Minutes Previewed

25-Minute Documentary Explains Everything About Westeros!5790091/25+minute-game-of-thrones-documentary-explains-everything-you-need-about-westeros

Orlando Bloom Confirms He’s in The Hobbit

Superman Reboot to Feature Metallo

Adam Harris in Contention for Lex Luthor role?

Henry Cavill Talks Superman: “There’s Only So Much You Can Change”

Welling, Souders, & Gough on the Smallville finale

Human Target – Not Quite Dead? Forums Shutting Down

Keeper of the Holocron Leland Chee Starts a Facebook Fan Page