SciFiFX Podcast #14 – Buck Rogers and Supernatual

This week we cover tons of news and make sure to hit just about everything that is scifi this week. This was a busy week so you will get your fill of news and things going on in the scifi world.

Following that we get into Buck Rogers and the 25th Century and Supernatural and the SciCon this week.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

David E. Kelley on Wonder Woman Pilot

C2E2 DC Icons Panel – DC acknowledges they have nothing left to lose with Wonder Woman; negative feedback on TV uniform from fans

Justin Bruening Cast as Steve Trevor

Zack Snyder Talks Superman – counterpoint to Kelley interview

Viggo Mortensen Out of Superman, Bizarro In?

Superman Legal Battle Heats Up

DC Comics Shuts Down Comments

DC Nation comes to Cartoon Network

Marvel Joins Starbucks Digital Network

Captain America Trailer Debuts

Rocketeer Adventure

Sammy Hagar was Abducted by Aliens!5784143/van-halens-sammy-hagar-was-abducted-by-aliens

LOTR Blu-Ray Release Date – June 28

How Did You Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day?

New Dune is Dead

Warren Beatty Wins Dick Tracy Lawsuit

Dave Filoni Q&A on Facebook Editorial – Why the new Star Trek movie doesn’t need a villain

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld TV Series on the way.

Fringe Renewed for a fourth season.

The TARDIS materializes on Farmville

Cardiff Doctor Who Exhibition Closes Today, as preparations begin for the permament home for the

Doctor Who Experience.

BBC books are publishing a novelization of Douglas Adams’ Doctor Who Episode Shada.

Doctor Who Series Six Prequel posted.

Torchwood: Miracle Day Premiere Date Announced

Autism Project Calls For Doctor Who Fans