Thank You, Amanda Tapping!

Amanda Tapping. Now here’s a subject that’s very easy for me to talk about. Amanda is one of my favorite actresses from Stargate SG-1. Let me re-word that; not only Stargate, she’s one of my favorite actresses, period. She has played parts in so many sci-fi shows that I’ve watched that I’ve completely lost track. Not only is she a wonderful actress, but she has a tendency to pick roles and play characters that suit her perfectly, and only those roles that are in good quality TV shows and movies.

Her credits of what she’s been in goes back to Street Legal in 1991, Fast-Forward in 1996, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues from 1994 to 1996, and in even in 1996, she played an episode of The X-Files, “Avatar.” Now keep in mind I’m skipping lots of little TV series and shows she did and just picking out the highlights that are most memorable to me including The Outer Limits in 1998, Millennium in 1999, and then we have a few of the real biggies, such as Stargate SG-1 from 1997 to 2007. She even started her own web series show Sanctuary in 2007, which went on to be picked up on the SyFy Channel and ran for about 50 or 60 episodes starting in 2008 and running until last year. She also participated as narrator for Reese from 2009 to 2010, and who could forget Stargate Atlantis where she appeared on around 25 episodes, and even found her way into Stargate Universe. Recently I know that she’s been working on Space. I’ve seen her tweet about it several times as she was working on it. It’s rumored that she is working on Taking Back, or should I say, it’s rumored that she’s playing Susan on Taking Back. And that is just her acting career that doesn’t include the three titles she’s produced, the three titles she’s directed, or any of the other credits that she deserves.

I follow her on Twitter (@amandatapping), and I’ve never seen a person more willing to help out, give back to the community, and appreciate her fans with such genuine appreciation as Amanda Tapping. In particular, one video that I saw of her and William Shatner talking about her taking on the role of Capt. in one of his movies. Still to this day makes me wonder when and if it might never happen. It also reminds me that even with all of her success, even with all of her fame, and even with all of the fans she has. She still has the true love for sci-fi that we all have. My only hope is that someday while I’m at a convention, that I run into Amanda, I have my audio recorder with me, and she’s kind enough to take the time to speak a few words for the podcast, or even just give me something to talk about on the website.

In a world full of people that forget where they came from, and forget their fans, I would like to just say thanks, Amanda Tapping, for everything you have done, for all the wonderful shows that you brought us, and for everything you will do going forward. We do appreciate you.

PS. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of feedback from your tweet. But I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to put in my two cents it doesn’t matter if you’re blonde or your brunette, just keep being you.