Lake Placid: The Final Chapter – Preview

Horror legend Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger/Nightmare on Elm Street) will star as the latest member of the “Bickerman Family” in the Original Movie Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, premiering Saturday, September 29 at 9PM (ET/PT) on “The Most Dangerous Night on Television.”

This is going to be a short and not so sweet preview of SyFy Channel’s Lake Placid: The Final Chapter.  I have not watched any of the previous Lake Placid movies, and trust me after this one I have absolutely no interest what so ever in watching any of them.

Let’s start with the bad shall we?

Ok, so we are in the 4th movie in the series after who knows how many people have been killed by these giant super crocodiles, and the scientist guy is saying that we can’t kill any of these things because they are the only ones of their kind?  Is he insane?

Then we have Yancy Buttler, the Sheriff, and Scientist Guy jump into super-croc infested water after tranquilizing one super-croc.  A split second later they are docking the boat, and their clothes are completely dry and clean?  That’s ether poor editing or continuity, either way it was very jarring, I felt like I was missing a few minutes of the movie.

Wow these super-crocs are fast; this 20 foot long super-croc can outrun a truck!  Somehow, I’m not buying it.

Remember when you build a fence to keep something in, or out, it only works as long as the people using it are smart enough to keep it closed.

I think they accidentally left a scene in from another movie, because Piranhas were in a scene, but were not mentioned once before or after that scene.

SyFy is not known for putting very good special effects into their movies.  But the blood effects in this run the gamut of raspberry jam to tomato soup. There is one scene with a young man must have been suffering from a massive vitamin C overdose, because his blood was very orange.  I know that this screener has some unfinished/temp special effects, but I hope all of them are unfinish/temp, because all of these set a new low for Syfy Channel effects.

Now for the good:

Apparently super-croc mouths are great for cleaning iPhones!

Robert Englund was awesome, and Yancy Buttler was pretty good too.  They were not enough to save the train wreck that is Lake Placid: The Final Chapter.

Final Thoughts:

Unless you are a huge fan of the previous Lake Placid movies I would avoid Lake Placid: The Final Chapter.  This is by far one of the worst SyFy Channel movies I have ever seen, it ranks all the way down there with Highlander the Source.  This means I give it a 1 out of 10, because I believe you can always do worse.  Syfy’s slogan is “Imagine Greater”, and that is very easy to do when you watch Lake Placid: The Final Chapter.