Doctor Who Sound Effects Record Re-Release

AudioGO and Discovery Records have announced the re-release of the classic Doctor Who Sound Effects album.  The album will be released on vinyl, with the original album sleeve notes on Record Store Day on April 21st.

The Doctor Who Sound Effects album was originally released in 1978.

From AudioGO:

Everyone knows that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside; and the selection of aural locations from the Doctor’s travels will equally broaden your horizons.

No fewer than seven alien worlds are visited, together with some extra-ordinary, extra-dimensional occurences encountered on Earth (Sol 3 in the Mutters Spiral). Add to these an audiogram of the Doctor’s own mind processes, TARDIS operations, some weapons for self-defence and your galactic safety is ensured.

Time Lord note: a source of jelly babies is recommended to complete the illusion of time travel.

I’m looking forward to this one, I like how some of the classic Doctor Who memorabilia is being re-released, so the new fans can see the stuff us old fans grew up collecting.  Much like the wonderful Target Novel reprints that were released last year.

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