Let The Wookie Sing!

Ok I gotta say, I never expected to hear this happen.

Glee has announced that their Christmas Special this year will be a tribute to the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.  You read that right, the much maligned 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special that George Lucas has spent the last 3 decades trying to erase from existence.

The episode was directed by Mathew Morrison who plays Will Schuester on Glee.  In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Morrison said:

“We’re doing a Christmas special within the episode of Glee and it’s a throwback and a tribute to the Star Wars holiday special and the Judy Garland Christmas special.”

“We called up George Lucas and he gave us Chewbacca.”

Morrison says that Chewie won’t be singing, but I say let the Wookie sing!


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