Star Wars Live Action Series Title

It’s rumored that the Star Wars Live Action TV series that has been languishing in development hell is being called Star Wars: Underground, at least by the production team anyway.

With at least 50 completed scripts under their belts, all anyone is waiting on is for, George Lucas to find a more economical way to produce the series.  Maybe he should take note from all the other top notch SciFi shows that have been produced over the years.  Shows like Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica (as much as I dislike BSG it looked great).  They found a way to produce great looking shows on a TV budget, why can’t Mr. Lucas.

That said I, I’m all for more Star Wars.  Star Wars: Underground is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and deals with the criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe.  But honestly I don’t really care about the criminal underbelly of the Star Wars Universe.  There is a much more interesting story taking place in that same timeframe.  I want to see The Great Purge.

Dear Mr. Lucas, give us a TV Series about Darth Vader hunting down and laying waste to all the Jedi.  I’m sorry, I think that would be much more interesting than criminals drinking Caf and smuggling shipments of probably Caf, past Imperial Blockades.

I love Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Star Wars is all about the Epic Story, I just can’t get revved up about petty criminals, I fail to see how this will measure up to the Epicness that Star Wars should be.  I think/hope that this whole criminal underworld thing is misinformation so if this series ever actually makes it to our screens the story will be a surprise.

So what do you guys think?


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