As a dealer and a podcaster I go to a lot of conventions.  This weekend I went to a new convention in Fort Smith Arkansas.  This convention is called Konsplosion, and this was its first year, so the turn out was little small 800-900 people, but not a bad turn out for the first year.  Konsplosion was held in the Fort Smith Convention Center.  This is a large very nice convention center so there is plenty of room for Konsplosion to grow.  Like I said I go to a lot of conventions, and this was one of the best organized and more importantly most fun conventions I have ever been to.


There was a Nerf War that started in the gaming center, but spilled out into the outside areas and into the main convention center.  Outside and any carpeted areas in the main convention center were free reign for the Nerf War, but uncarpeted areas, like the dealer room, and the table top gaming area were Safe Zones.  It was a very interesting experience to walk through the halls and see roving gangs of people carrying Nerf guns, trying to ambush each other.

There was also a Zombie Hunt.  Zombies versus Humans, the same rules as the Nerf War applied, outdoors, and carpeted areas were open play, and uncarpeted areas were safe zones.  At one point a couple of small kids (5-6 years old) came into the Dealers Room (uncarpeted area) to avoid some Zombies that were chasing them.  They made several laps around the dealer room to lull the Zombies into a false sense of security and then made a break for it.  Again it was really fun to see these gangs of Zombies/Humans chasing the others through the halls, all while panels and other activities were going on.

I attended the Costume Contest in the main stage area, I’ll be posting a photo album later of several of the costumers.  At the end of the costume contest Brooklyn Shock (Convention Chairwoman) was hiding in the rafters of the auditorium with fully automatic Nerf Weaponry.  She then rained down a barrage of Nerf darts on the Costume Contest MC.  This is the attitude the entire convention is run by.  Basically it’s a “What would be fun to do attitude”, and it can be felt through the entire weekend.

Bill Blair

Earl Green

With a good selection of guests such as Bill Blair (Guinness Record Holder for ‘Most Special Effect Make-Up Characters portrayed in a Career’),  Earl Green (Webmaster of TheLogBook.com, and author of VWORP!1), Desiree Finkbeiner (author of Ethos: Morning Star), AmBear Shellea (Author of The Pedalstem Lillies Series), Claire  Hamilton (Voice Actress, DC Universe Online, ADV Films Tekken, Soul Hunter), and Samantha Inoue-Harte (Producer, Animator, Director, Actress, and Makeup FX Artist) there was always someone interesting to talk to or catch in a panel.

Brooklyn with one of her security minions.

With 4 panel rooms, 2 main stages, a zombie shooting range, a Quidditch match, Nerf War, Zombie Hunt, LARP Room, Dealers Room, Super Secret Testing Lab, and Gaming, there is always something fun to do.

My Signed copy of VWORP!1 by Earl Green!