Barnes and Noble Snit Fit over DC’s exclusive Amazon Kindle Fire Deal

The B&N Executives have decided in their infinite “Wisdom” to remove 100 DC Comics Graphic novels from all their store shelves.  These titles include such classics and still very well selling titles as Watchmen and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.  Even B&N admits that these are still good sellers, and is not removing them from their website.  But with the closing of Borders, B&N is the only nationwide brick and mortar bookseller left.  So if comic fans want to pick up a paper copy of any of these titles, they have to try and find one at a local comic shop or mom and pop bookseller.  If B&N is going to through a fit like this because DC took what must have been a better deal offered by Amazon for the exclusive e-book distribution of these titles, I say everyone should not order anything from B& or from the stores for that matter.

The point of a book store is to offer titles that customers want.  Since people obviously still want to purchase paper copies of these stories, B&N should carry them, otherwise they are doing their customers a disservice.  They are shooting themselves in the foot.  Brick and mortar stores are being killed off left and right by Amazon, and now B&N is just giving Amazon more ammo to take them out with.  If I have to order a book online I’ll just use, they have a bigger selection than B& and usually better prices and free ground shipping on anything over $25.  Plus on a personal note it just seems to be easier to find things on Amazon’s website, I think B&’s search engine must be run on an old Yahoo algorithm.

It was nice knowing you B&N, but if you are going to start handing out coffin nails, I hear has great deals on hammers.

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