Farewell, My Sarah Jane

Today we saw the last episode of the wonderful Sarah Jane Adventures.  Hopefully the BBC will see fit to continue the adventures of Sarah Jane Smith in novels or a comic book series.  Sadly Elisabeth Sladen has left us, but Sarah Jane will live on forever.  It was with a sad but dignified acknowledgement in the Wedding of River Song that the Doctor Who Universe said good bye to Nicholas Courtney and the Brigadier earlier this year.   Fortunately since Doctor Who is all about a time travelling alien we can still get new adventures with the Brigadier and Sarah Jane.

The Sarah Jane Adventures was one of those rare children’s programs that was clearly aimed at children, but adults could also enjoy.  It did not speak down to children as so much programming does.  Also it did not make the adults in it appear to be clueless idiots as many children’s programs do.  The series spoke to several generations of Doctor Who fans and will be greatly missed.  So it is with a heavy heart that I say Farwell My Sarah Jane.

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