New Torchwood Books

Torchwood Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough – Cardiff Bay. The government has ordered the excavation of the wreckage of a secret underground base. DCI Tom Cutler is watching from a distance, fascinated by the process. There are people in his dreams. People he feels he should know. The disbanded Torchwood Institute spent a century accumulating non-terrestrial artifacts and catching aliens. Who knows what – or who – might still be intact down there. But by the time they find the first body, Suzie Costello is long gone.







Torchwood: The Men Who Sold The World by Guy Adams – Agent Rex Matheson investigates the disappearance of a CIA squad transporting secret Torchwood cargo – a Torchwood: Miracle Day prequel.











Torchwood First Born, by James Gross -Gwen and Rhys are on the run with their baby daughter, but it seems that Torchwood will never leave them behind.