ALPHAS: Preview

The ALPHAS Crew:
Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) – A renowned Neurophysiologist – The Professor X of the Alphas

Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie) – Diagnosis: Hyperkinesis, Ability: Flawless Aim & Enhanced Dexterity, Drawback: Stress makes him miss.

Bill Harken (Malik Yoba) – Diagnosis: Hyperadrenal, Ability: Enhanced Strength, Drawback: Can only use ability for 5 minutes maximum.

Rachel Pirzad (Azita Ghanizada) – Diagnosis: Synesthete, Ability: Hyper-Intensify senses one at a time, Drawback: When enhancing one sense the others essentially shut off.

Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) – Diagnosis: Transducer, Ability: Visual Perception of Electromagnetic Wavelengths, Drawback: High functioning Autistic.

Nina Theroux (Laura Mennell) – Diagnosis: Influencer, Ability: Can override willpower in others, Drawback: unknown.

The Preview:
Alphas starts out with the team in place consisting of Bill, Rachel, Gary, and Nina with Dr. Rosen wrangling them. They have been working together for a while and have a good friendly chemistry with each other. When a bazaar case comes along the FBI calls on Dr. Rosen and his Alphas. Alphas have special abilities due to rare genetic mutations in their brains.

The case the pilot opens with is one in which an FBI prisoner is killed by a sniper while sitting in an FBI interrogation room with no windows. Rosen’s team tracks the sniper down to one Cameron Hicks, ex-military sniper and also an Alpha (though he is unaware of it). They quickly realize that Hicks is an unwitting pawn of the real assassin. And the story progresses from there.

I enjoyed Alphas, they did a very good job of explaining the powers and that every Alpha’s ability has a drawback or limitation of some sort. The 2 best examples being Bill Harken, and Rachel Pizrad. Bill has the ability to turn on his Adrenal Gland making him super strong and resistant to pain, but only for very short periods of time (5 minutes or less) or he starts to have some sort of seizure. Rachel can supercharge one of her senses at a time, like have super hearing, but while she has her ears turned up to 11 she is essentially blind. While I like Superpowered heroes like Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, or Wonder Woman, who can for the most part use their powers for extended periods of time or whenever they feel like it, I think the limitations placed on the Alphas can make for some very interesting story telling if done properly. It will also make them have to work as a team playing off each other’s strengths, and helping to cover for each other’s weaknesses.

I also have to admit that I find it quite humorous that this super team’s Super Vehicle is Dr. Rosen’s minivan.